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          Since 2003, this law office has represented SF Bay Area executives, nonprofit workers, artists, start-up CEOs, customer service representatives, programmers, financial brokers, big company CFOs, software engineers, client account managers, undocumented workers, academicians; all types of workers and professionals in many different industries.  Over 800 cases.

           Prior to 2003, Tom Walker was a Human Capital Consultant to many of the Fortune companies on the US West Coast, a senior business executive; and had a few years post as corporate legal counsel & litigator. 

        This practice knowledge of business and human resources was learned first hand, in the trenches, as was contact negotiation and civil litigation.  This background is an advantage in leveling the playing field with corporations and their counsel.  But most importantly, I want clients of this practice to be treated the way I expect to be treated.  Your time is important; your concerns need to be heard and taken seriously; and it's your success that really matters here.     
"First they ignore you; then they laugh at you; 
then they attack you; and then you win."

"If you don't ask, you don't get."
Quotes most often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi