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ABOUT ME, TOM WALKER  [email protected]

"Teamster, Corporate Counsel, HR Consultant, Executive, Law Professor", I have served in various functional roles for organizations and as an expert advisor to a great many California corporations.  In 2003 I elected to start an employee-side employment law practice to level the playing field for employees, fighting for their rights and fair compensation, and have resolved over 800 cases for my clients to date. Currently, a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association and the California Lawyers Association. 

My practice has evolved a coaching and consultation service for employees seeking strategy and guidance for employment retention, separations and transitions. I have helped close to 400 employees negotiate separations & severance.  My exposure to business principles and coaching includes completing Harvard's MBA Executive Leadership Program in Cambridge, and Barry Pogoral's Transformational Leadership Program as well as my Board level experience with Fortune 500 company executives.
My youth was spent on Meadow Island and in Queens, New York. relocating to San Diego, Calif. at age 20 where I finished college and law school. My wife, Susan, was a student at a rival law school in San Diego, and ... we've been married for more than 35 years. Our three adult children reside in Reno, San Francisco and Philadelphia pursing challenging careers. Susan and I are road cyclists, and my favorite run distance seems to be 10K.