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         I argue with publishing victory statements or citing successful cases, (and not losses).   Every client situation is unique; every outcome is determined by the nature of that dispute, the personalities involved, and the efficacy of the facts and claims.  And, most case outcomes are entirely confidential as well as being attorney-client privileged. Your personal success is what matters here. I appreciate this attorney-client process is an unknown for most people, and for the very limited purpose of demonstrating how some of my former clients evaluate the process of working with me, I will offer the following comments, freely given and unedited: 
 "I feel like I got my freedom back.  You empowered me and fought for me like Abraham Lincoln did for the helpless slaves! " 021421031C476

 "My case was not an easy one, but Mr. Walker worked on it for over a year based on the retainer not knowing that he would get any additional compensation at the end. I should mention that he was extremely patient with me. I was under a lot of stress and my health degraded, which prevented me from being responsive to his correspondence in a timely manner. However, Mr. Walker stayed the course and helped me in achieving a satisfactory settlement at the end. Having searched and paid consultation fees to other attorneys, I consider Mr. Walker's fees to be very reasonable. The most important point in my opinion is that Mr. Walker is willing to spend time defending what is right, and not necessarily what is financially rewarding to him." 020521031C368

'I have known Tom for several years. He has exceptional interpersonal skills and offers practical and tangible ideas and real-world advice. His meticulous approach in problem solving is outstanding, because he genuinely cares in helping those that seek his advice. I have personally sought his advice and services several times, and at every occasion, he has demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance in helping me navigate difficult situations during stressful times - with positive outcomes. I have strong confidence in his abilities to represent me and his clients in the most professional and ethical manner. "3821C19

"Tom Walker is extraordinary at what he does.  When I have worked with him, he has been highly accessible, knowledgeable, efficient, and effective.  I highly recommend him.  He is my first call when a problem arises." 121220121C406

"I highly recommend Tom. Three aspects of his professional (and successful) handling of my case stand out in my mind: responsiveness, patience, and preparedness. From the beginning to the very end of my four month long case, he responded to every single email/vm within 24 hours, if not a couple hours, even after I had paid in full. Though it was a flat-fee arrangement, he was patient with my many novice concerns and questions, never making me feel like there was a stopwatch in his hand. Finally, his stated strategy is to prepare for the worse and cover all the angles - unsurprising for the legal profession - which he lived up to. Though I hope to never require his services again, I take comfort in knowing I would be in such professional hands". 1C263

"You can tell when somebody actually cares and when somebody is just going through the motions because that is the thing to do. I am confident that Tom Walker actually cares, which in my eyes is the single most important contribution any of us can make towards our fellow man. I have also been very impressed with the way Tom carries himself and the way he projects an confident but not cocky command of the situation. On the few occasions I was getting a little anxious Tom's professional knowledge and clear confident way of addressing my concerns brought me back to neutral ground quickly. Anybody going through this type of thing really needs to be able to trust their lawyer. I trust Tom completely". 0627792048602C

"Tom was extremely knowledgeable and a superior strategist. He understood immediately how to best proceed with my case. He is an excellent listener and used my information to facilitate a rapid settlement with a tough company who had enlisted a high profile law firm. Tom changed my impression of the legal profession. I can't say enough good things about Tom."  0617494896952C

"Tom provided excellent service to me through a difficult work situation that was very stressful. His competence in handling my case made it easier to let go of some of the stress of this situation. He was able to bring about an expedient resolution to my case in keeping with my request to do so."  071463179836C